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We Don’t Just Teach, We Inspire!

It is said that education is what you remember when you leave school, and that inspirational teaching creates learning that last a lifetime.  At Sunmarke, we enrich learning through our philosophy of Positive Education. Our teachers not only cultivate the intellect, but also character strengths, virtues and wellbeing. The end result is a child who is a happier, and more resilient, creative and successful individual.

Inspirational teaching and Positive Education are found in every classroom every day at Sunmarke. Talk to our students who will tell you of their transformational stories. Stories of students developing resilience and a can-do spirit in the face of challenges using skills they have learned such as adopting a growth mindset, grit, mindfulness and gratitude. Stories of students developing a love for problem-solving using math and computer algorithms, by realising their character strengths uncovered during Sunmarke’s hallmark ‘forum discussions’. Stories of students developing a passion for scientific inquiry through lessons spent in the design technology lab using skills they have learned like persistence and Sunmarke’s Growth Mindset motto of ‘never give up until the answer is found’.

Through these skills, our children come to define themselves, find their calling, and achieve success, happiness and well being in life.

All our teachers and senior leaders are trained in Positive Education. They have high levels of pedagogical knowledge, are committed to improving their teaching practice, and undergo regular professional development enabling Sunmarke to have a self-reflective culture where teaching and learning is constantly improved. 

Staff take personal and collective responsibility for improving student learning and wellbeing. Professional Learning Teams are also established to ensure the promotion of collaboration and teamwork, and to allow teachers to learn from each other’s practices.  

Simply put, we don’t just teach. We inspire children - and that’s what separates our teachers from the rest. 

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