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Academic Results & Reports


Sunmarke School is amongst the top schools in the Academic League Tables in the UAE with 'outstanding' GCSE and A Level results in the academic year 2017-18.


From the 1041 strong Sunmarke family, we are thrilled and thank the KHDA for our "Outstanding" and "Good" ratings in the Inspection Report (2017-2018).

Sunmarke achieved an overall “Good” rating in its Knowledge and Human Development Agency (KHDA) and Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) report for the second year in a row.  

Sunmarke’s team is very satisfied with our 2017-18 ratings as a deep analysis of the report shows we achieved 42 developments and uplifts since our last inspection.  

It’s important to note that every school in Dubai is inspected after 3 years of operation. However, Sunmarke, confident in its team and the superlative education that we offer, was inspected in the first year within 100 days of opening and in this short time, achieved what other schools accomplish in 3 years. It is also important to note, that as a new school, we could only get a maximum of 'Good' as KHDA requires a history of data in order to award better ratings. 

Key Findings of KHDA's DSIB 2017-18 Inspection Report are below: 

Department KHDA Comments Rating
Whole School High-quality education as a result of the senior and middle leaders and the efforts of teachers.   ratingratingrating
 Whole School The school is highly successful in engaging parents as partners in their child's learning.   ratingratingratingrating
Whole School Exemplary focus on students’ well-being to effectively promote very good personal and social development.      ratingratingratingrating
Foundation Stage Very strong Curriculum with rich learning opportunities that has an impact on the child's progress. ratingratingratingrating
Whole School Outstanding Accommodation and Facilities ratingratingratingrating
Department KHDA Comments Rating
Whole School Very Good progress in English. Students are accelerating across all phases. ratingratingratingrating
Whole School Very Good progress in Maths. Students are accelerating across all phases. ratingratingratingrating
Foundation & Primary Very Good progress in Science. Students are accelerating across all phases. ratingratingratingrating
Secondary Very Good Progress and Attainment with Very High standards in Mathematics.

Sunmarke School’s KHDA’s DSIB Report 2017-18
 also includes a summary of Sunmarke’s overall performance, strengths and recommendations, along with more detailed analysis of areas including progress and attainment, personal and social development, teaching and assessment, curriculum, school management, and relationships with parents and the community.

Sunmarke has been accredited by the British Schools Overseas (BSO). The report from this inspection can be found here

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