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Careers Education


Sunmarke has a full-time Careers Counsellor, who with the House Tutor and Senior Leaders, provides students with educational and career advice, counselling and guidance, and action plans. Year 9 students are given guidance before they choose their GCSE options. Students are also given emotional support by our school counsellor.

Work Placements

With our full-time Career Counsellor, Sunmarke encourages and helps Key Stage 4 students to secure summer internships with companies in the local industry to help choose potential future career choices. Work placements provide students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge learned at school in a work environment, is a great way of identifying strengths and interests, and often inspires study and work in a particular field of interest.

Educational & Career Support

Through Fortes Education, Sunmarke is affiliated with international career support organisations which provide young adults (aged 13-19) with career counselling and guidance on a range of issues from university information and applications, prospective job and career opportunities, university requirements, labour market, and more. Sunmarke students also participate in career fairs and seminars to learn about higher education opportunities.


Students choose which universities to apply to during the A-level years. Sunmarke’s Career Counsellor provides ample resources and guidance about universities and other institutions of higher education.
All students apply to university before A-level and typically apply to a maximum of five universities. Some university departments still call applicants to interview before deciding whether or not to offer a place conditional upon A-level grades, but most universities nowadays base their decisions solely on the UCAS form. It is also possible to apply to university after A-level.
Applicants to Oxford University may be required to submit written work and/or take a written test or tests. After the interview, applicants may be offered a place conditional upon A-level grades. Cambridge candidates, too, may have to submit written work prior to interview: after being interviewed, a candidate may be offered a place conditional upon his performance in A-level. Full details of all these arrangements are to be found in the Oxford Undergraduate Prospectus and the Cambridge Admissions Prospectus.

Industry Partnerships

To enable students to broaden their horizons, obtain real-world views, and explore diverse career opportunities, Sunmarke will form partnerships with professionals and companies from diverse fields such as but not limited to IT, hospitality, law, medicine, construction, architecture, marketing, and e-commerce.

Sharing Knowledge

Sunmarke’s Careers Education Department is grateful for the support it receives from parents and well-wishers who are industry professionals and wish to share their professional knowledge. If you are willing to assist by:

  • Providing work experience 
  • Acting as an ‘Adviser’ to a certain group of students in Years 10 to 13 who are interested in your occupational field
  • Talking about your profession to small groups
  • Advising students about university decisions as it concerns your profession
  • Mentoring out students who express an interest in your profession

then please contact the Head of Careers Education at careers.sunmarke@forteseducation.com.

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