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Learning Today. Changing the World Tomorrow.

The concept of learning is fast evolving to keep pace with the relentless change in today’s world. Today’s learners require higher levels of creative and social intelligence, and technical ability to be successful.  

Sunmarke's educational philosophy is based on Positive Education (PosEd) which develops skills for ‘academics and achievement’, as well as skills for ‘character development and wellbeing’. Research has showed that children schooled in PosEd achieve stronger academic outcomes in addition to being happier individuals. 

Under PosEd, Sunmarke has developed a high impact, holistic education programme called MultiSmart Learning™ that nurtures and unlocks multiple pathways to learning and develops key ‘core skills’ and ‘multiple intelligences’ triggering the all-round development. 

Students are given a myriad of opportunities – in and out of the classroom, through academic study and extracurriculars, and through personalised instruction and group learning – to develop multi-disciplinary thinking and a robust growth mindset for learning.

MultiSmart LearningTM Develops Core Skills & Cognitive Skills

Core Skills

Critical and Creative Thinking:The ability to analyse information, challenge assumptions, solve problems, reach conclusions, and think imaginatively
Communication:The ability to discuss, reason and engage in dialogue, and communicate   articulately
Working with Others: The ability to work with others, achieve collective goals, and resolve differences
Personally Effectiveness: The ability to set, achieve and evaluate personal goals, respond to feedback, embrace change, and persevere through challenges

Cognitive Skills

Attention Skills: The ability to assimilate information and remain focused and on task
Memory: The ability to store and recall information 
Logic and Reasoning: The ability to analyse, reason, and solve problems
Auditory Processing: The ability to analyse and segment sounds 
Visual Processing: The ability to perceive, analyse, think and visualise
Processing Speed: The ability to perform tasks quickly and accurately

Through MultiSmart LearningTM Students Become:

  • Logic Smart
  • Language Smart
  • Self & People Smart
  • Visual Smart
  • Nature Smart
  • Body Smart
  • Music Smart
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