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Sports Heroes Academy

Sunmarke School, through its one-of-a-kind programme, focuses on inclusion through sports, health, youth and school engagement. 

Aligned with H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s initiative, “My Community is a Place for All”, Sunmarke is leading the way towards a fully-inclusive future for young people of determination through The Sports Heroes Academy programme.

The Sports Heroes Academy welcomes more than 40 young people into Sunmarke School each week, to train with one of Sunmarke’s 65 volunteer students. Founded by Miss Murphy, a PE teacher at Sunmarke, the programme aims to provide our athletes with equal opportunities regardless of their ability in their chosen sport. An aspiration for these young athletes is to eventually have the opportunity to reach Special Olympic standards one day.

Sunmarke’s student volunteers work closely with the Inclusion Department at the School to learn the necessary skills to coach and assist their “buddies” during training sessions. This peer-coaching programme draws upon our School's core values and Positive Education ethos whereby confidence, physical skills and social communication skills for our athletes are built upon. It also allows for meaningful friendships to develop with a deep admiration for the athletes’ strength, perseverance and courage. 

In line with H.H. Sheikh Hamdan’s initiative, which aims to make Dubai a friendly city for people of determination by 2020, this powerful programme continues to touch hearts and receive growing support from people across Dubai including external providers such as C.F Tennis Academy, Streetwise UAE and Apollo Perelini. 

  • 65 volunteers
  • 40 heroes
  • 5 teachers
  • 3 volunteer coaches
  • 1 shared vision

More information:

The Sports Heroes Academy programme caters for all levels of ability and is completely free for young people within the Dubai community to attend. 

If you would like to how to register your child for The Sports Heroes Academy or donate your skills as a Sports Coach, please contact Ms Hollie Murphy via:  sportsheroesacademy@gmail.com

Watch the highlights of this initiative in the video below. There's a hero in all of us. 

Watch the video highlights below. There's a hero in all of us. 






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