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At Sunmarke, participation in extra-curricular activities is as important as academic achievement. We provide our students with the opportunity to develop their interest in various activities and channel their energy into developing new skills.

Our ECA line-up offers programmes in individual and group sessions, and are divided under two streams after school every term. ECAs at Sunmarke are open to Sunmarke students only (at no extra cost).

On any given day, the school is abuzz with student engaged in a variety of ECA and enrichment programmes that are delivered by staff who are experts in their respective ECA fields.

Term 2 ECA Description - January to March 2018


Art is a key part of our educational offering because it encourages student learning and development, fosters creative thinking, and nurtures in students a heightened sensitivity and appreciation of life.

Art, artistic flair, and creative thinking are present in all facets of life from the home, school, industry, social networks and relationships. Sunmarke's art curriculum gives students the opportunity to develop their artistic and creative skills and explore a range of media.

We provide a supportive and structured environment so students are able to interpret and articulate the subtle nuances of the language of Art, understand and appreciate different contexts, cultures and traditions, and develop their own creative voice.


Dance and movement is a growing part of the curriculum and dovetails with our Music and Drama programme. Sunmarke has a large and impressive dance studio with coaches that nurture students who wish to develop their talent and skills in this area.


Sunmarke strongly believes in providing all students the opportunity to access, experience and contribute to various aspects of the creative process from script to stage. This can take the form of extra-curricular activities, trips and workshops as well as getting involved in whole-school productions either as performers or backstage crew.


All students at Sunmarke are encouraged to participate in at least one sport of their choice via our ECA Programme. In addition, gifted and talented students are invited to apply to our sports squads in Football, Swimming, Netball and Basketball, etc. We typically schedule games after school hours during the week, and on weekends to make it easier for parents to come and watch. Participation to the school's squads is by invitation only. Participants may be required to train before and after school hours on week-days and weekends.

We have a wide range of sports on offer that includes:

  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Cheerleading
  • And more.


Music plays a key role in our school’s holistic approach to education as it gives students creative expression and also allows teachers to weave it across the entire curriculum.

Our students are encouraged to learn an instrument of their choice. Gifted students are nurtured so that they can consider music as a choice of higher study and as a profession.

Sunmarke provides students various opportunities to learn a variety of musical instruments and skills, develop an appreciation of music, enhance their creativity, and have fun. We have on our team qualified and professional music instructors and teachers who provide a nurturing environment towards this. Whatever the student’s goal, whether it is to prepare for the Trinity or ABRSM music exams, learn an instrument or just have fun jamming in a band, the Academy for the Performing Arts is there to fulfil it.

Clubs and Activities

Students can also participate in a wide variety of specialised After School Activities, ("ASAs"), run by independent 3rd Party Specialist Providers on campus. These can be viewed on our After School Activities page. ASAs are open to Sunmarke, non-Sunmarke students and adults. The fees for these programmes are charged by the 3rd party operators and are separate from the school's Tuition Fee.

3rd Party Specialist Service Providers or adult specialists interested in leasing the school's sporting facilities or signing up to provide ASAs after school hours, can do so by contacting:

Ms. Elaine Baillie – ECA & ASA Manager

Office Telephone : +971 4 423 8901
Email Address : activitiesmanager@forteseducation.com
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