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Learning BTEC Programme Overview
BTEC Overview


Offering Alternative Pathways for Vocationally Inclined Students.

At Sunmarke, we believe that every child is unique and so is the method of learning.  Just as some children do a great job with classroom learning there are others who excel in a hands-on learning.  As a Positive Education school, we believe that learning should be fun and not daunting, as well as offering each child equal opportunities for attaining their goals in higher education and employment at the workplace.

Beginning in the academic year 2017-18, Sunmarke offers 2 year BTEC programmes to students from Year 10 to Year 11 and from Year 12 to Year 13, giving them an opportunity to develop their vocational skills through a practical approach and preparing them for future career paths. 

Chosen by over 1 million learners every year, BTEC programmes are career-based qualifications designed to give students the skills they need to move on to higher education or go straight into employment.  

The BTEC programme combines classroom learning with a range of practical knowledge and skills to help students prepare for, and progress in, their chosen path.  A hands-on approach of practical project work, vocation-related activities, along with classroom teaching helps students develop behavioural, teamwork, creative thinking and presentation skills among others.

Sunmarke is a Positive Education (PosEd) School where outstanding teaching underpinned by the science of Positive Psychology defines our school culture, so children flourish learning the skills for ‘Academics & Achievement’ and ‘Character development & Wellbeing’. We cultivate a sense of purpose, positive emotions and supportive relationships to create happier, healthier and more successful individuals.

For more information on our BTEC programmes, click here

Why study BTEC?

An increasingly greater number of employers and higher education institutions are choosing BTEC-qualified candidates for their academic and practical knowledge and skills.

In addition to A Level, Sunmarke School delivers a dynamic BTEC programme that widens student career choices. BTEC is a career based qualification that develops vocational skills allowing students to move to university or direct into employment.

How can I study a BTEC qualification?

BTECs can be studied alongside, or instead of, the GCSEs or A levels, as a full-time course at Sunmarke School.

What levels of qualification are there?

BTECs come in different levels, from Entry Level (Foundation Learning) right through to professional qualifications at Level 7 (which are equivalent to post-graduate study).

What subjects can I study?

Beginning in the academic year 2017-18, Sunmarke School offers BTEC programmes to students from Year 8 to Year 11 in the areas of Business, Information Technology (IT), Creative Digital Media Production, and Travel and Tourism.

Please speak to or email our Career Counsellor or 6th Form Tutor for more information on courses offered and which course would be most suitable for you.

How are BTECs graded?

BTECs are graded using a Pass (P), Merit (M), Distinction (D) and Distinction* (D*) scale. Depending on the size of the course, students may receive one, two or three grades. If the work produced does not meet the criteria to pass with a “P” grade, students will be awarded a “U”, which means ‘Unclassified’.

BTEC Nationals qualify for ‘UCAS’ (University and Colleges Admissions Service) points and students can apply for university places through UCAS. Find out more about UCAS and UCAS points at www.ucas.com.

How will I be assessed?

BTECs come in a number of units, which are usually assessed through assignments that are both set and marked by the course tutor. However, some BTECs contain externally marked tests (exams).

Assignments can include tests, research, essays, projects, investigations, artwork, fieldwork and experiments, and often link theory with practical exercises.

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