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Starting at a new school is both exciting and challenging for a child. Our faculty and staff will ensure the comfort of your child, and our vibrant and welcoming student community will ensure a smooth transition of your child to the new school environment.

Sunmarke welcomes applications from students of all nationalities who demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the school and community.

At Sunmarke, we exercise a positive and inclusive admissions policy. Candidates will each be given due consideration on a case by case basis, taking into account the capacity of the premises, staff and curriculum pathways to effectively meet the needs of the individual. Students who have been identified as having a potential Special Educational Need or Disability will meet directly with a member of the Achievement Centre as part of the admissions process, to determine if/how we can best support them upon entry to the school. If we do not feel that we are sufficiently equipped to meet the needs of the student at this time, we are happy to work in collaboration with parents to help them identify an appropriate alternative placement.

Priority is given to students of other Fortes Education institutions and to students who have a sibling(s) at a Fortes school or preschool.

Enrolment Age Calculator - Use the age calculator to compute your child’s eligibility for enrolment.

Entry Assessments

Foundation Stage 1 & 2

An informal assessment is held with the child to assess suitability and readiness to start school.

Year 1 to 13

Admission of applicants is subject to an interview and successful completion of the School’s Assessment Tests in English and Maths. Where applicable, review of records from the student’s previous school(s) is considered.

Students who have been identified as potentially requiring additional support for language, learning, or wellbeing, will be referred to the Achievement Centre for a follow-up meeting prior to the offer of enrolment. The purpose of this meeting will be to determine if/how we can best support their individual needs upon entry, and whether we need to make any follow-up recommendations to parents regarding additional support services available in the community.

Admission Guidelines

Opening Dates

Sunmarke School is currently accepting applications for the academic year 2016-17 and 2017-18 for all year groups from Nursery to Foundation Stage 1 to Year 13.

To apply, please fill out our online Application Form and we shall revert back to you.

You can also contact the Admissions Office on +971 4 423 8900 (Temporary Only), and speak to one of our admissions officer who will be delighted to help you.

English Language Learning

English is the language of instruction at Sunmarke, and students are expected to have a basic level of conversational English upon entry, in order to benefit fully from the curriculum. For students in Years 2 to 9, who require English language support in order to functionally access and progress in the curriculum, Sunmarke provides English language support, subject to staffing and availability. If we feel that a student’s English language needs extending beyond what we can reasonably offer in light of our capacity, we will request that parents enrol their child in an intensive English language course, with one of our trusted external providers.

Class Sizes

Sunmarke School’s teacher-student ratio at Foundation Stage 1 (FS1) & Foundation Stage 2 (FS2) is 1:22, and 1:26 for Years 1 to 13. The school retains the right to increase the class size as warranted, for example when students are set by ability for specific subjects. FS1, FS2 and Years 1 to 3 have a Learning Support Assistant assigned to each class.

Guaranteed Placements

Sunmarke offers guaranteed places to students who graduate from or have completed one academic year at a Fortes school or preschool, which include Regent International School and any one of the Jumeirah International Nurseries, respectively. Students receive an offer only after successfully completing Sunmarke’s admissions process.

Please select the link below to start the enquiry process at Sunmarke or one of our affiliate educational institutions:

Sunmarke School
Regent International School
Jumeirah International Nurseries

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