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Recruiting Only the Best

Fortes Education recruits only the most talented and committed of educators – professionals who are inspirational leaders and teachers, and inspiring role models. Our educators fundamentally believe in our ethos of Positive Education. We impart skills for not only achievement and academics but also skills for character development and well-being. 

A World-class Team

Sunmarke has a world-class Senior Leadership Team and faculty of Teachers with deep experience in teaching and learning, school administration and governance, and curriculum delivery and assessment. The team is further guided by a passionate Board of Directors with over two decades of experience in building and managing schools.

Our educators come from top-ranked universities in the UK. Our senior leaders are nationally recognised education practitioners and our teachers have taught at leading schools in the UK.

Our Team’s Principles

Our team is committed to the principles of open communication, partnership with parents, inclusive decision-making, and fairness, and are guided by the overarching goals of academic excellence and operational effectiveness.

Our teachers and leaders are open-minded and curious and empower students to engage in cross disciplinary, active, and collaborative learning.

Meet our Team

  • Mrs. Shakuntala Mankani
    Founder & Chairperson - Fortes Education
  • Sanjay Mankani
    Managing Director
  • Ajay Mankani
    Executive Director
  • Janet O’Keeffe- Gibas
    Director of Operations

  • Mr. Keith Miller
    Executive Principal
  • Mr. Jason King
    Head of Secondary
  • Mr. Benjamin Atkins
    Deputy Head of Secondary
  • Mrs. Tracey Bishop
    Deputy Head of Secondary
  • Mrs. Catherine Hill
    Asst. Head Teacher - Curriculum
  • Miss Lianne Brown
    Asst. Head Teacher - Wellbeing
  • Mrs. Sonia Fitzpatrick
    Asst. Head Teacher - Language & Literacy Strategy
  • Miss Claire Young
    Head of Sixth Form
  • Mr. Richard Bishop
    Asst. Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs. Linzi Hammond
    Head of EYFS
  • Mrs. Helen Sloan
    Assistant Head of EYFS
  • Mrs. Kathryn Keeshan
    Head of Primary
  • Miss Andrea Higgins
    Deputy Head of Primary
  • Miss Lucy Nicholls
    Primary Assistant Head
  • Mr. Michael Parr
    Head of Faculty - PE & Games
  • Mr. Jon Revell
    Head of Faculty - Arts
  • Mr. Robin Hill
    Head of Faculty - Languages
  • Mr. Zahid Razzak
    Head of Department - Computing & ICT
  • Miss Lucy Wood
    Head of Achievement Centre
  • Mr. Mahmoud Abdalla
    Head of Department - Islamic
  • Miss Lina Al Jaidi
    Head of Department - Arabic A
  • Mrs. Lamia El Hedi
    Head of Department - Arabic B
  • Miss Jodie Bradley
    Head of Faculty English
  • Mrs. Afsana Razzak
    Head of Faculty - Mathematics
  • Mr E.Miller
    Head of Faculty Business & Economics
  • Miss Sarah Appleford
    Head of Faculty - Science
  • Miss Stephanie Aitken
    Head of Faculty - Technology
  • Mrs. Dolores Elliot Wilson
    Library Head
  • Mrs. Sousan Roufi
    Key Stage 1 Leader
  • Miss Lauren Bassett
    Lower Key Stage 2 Leader
  • Miss Annie Griffith
    Upper Key Stage 2 Leader
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