Fortes Education - Premium British Curriculum Schools & Nurseries in Dubai


Fortes Education is a leading education provider active in the building, development, operation and management of high quality schools for over three decades and has consistently delivered a world-class education to thousands of students in the UAE.

We are a diverse organisation made up of dynamic and passionate education leaders and teachers who seek to improve education through the establishment of innovative schools that help students realise their potential.

Fortes Education is a leader in ‘Positive Education’ – a global paradigm shift in education – which is embedded in all our schools.  Positive Education is based on the science of positive psychology and happiness. It is an unique approach to education that blends academic learning with character and wellbeing.  Children flourish developing both the skills of ‘academics and achievement’, such as critical thinking, literacy and numeracy, as well as the skills of ’wellbeing’, such as resilience, confidence, self-esteem, happiness, kindness, gratitude, discipline and a work ethic.

We are able to deliver and accomplish our goals because of our innovative education programmes, systems of school operation, investment in staff development, and teachers who are experts in delivering best practices in education.

We are committed to delivering an inclusive education and work closely with the local government authorities to improve the standards of education in the communities we are part of. We also work with non-profit organisations and charities offering educational expertise and funds to make education more accessible to disadvantaged communities around the world.

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